Review of Results Measurement in World Bank Investment Projects




The World Bank is committed to improving performance measurement in its projects. To the extent that it is possible and recognizing the heterogeneity of projects with respect to their objectives and design, the World Bank would like to ensure greater consistency and harmonization in choice, definition and reporting of performance indicators in its projects. It would also like to ensure to the extent possible that project monitoring contributes to generating values for indicators that are identified in various strategic documents including (i) the Africa Action Plan1) and (ii) the WBG Energy Program Poverty Alleviation, Sustainability, and Selectivity of May ’01 and (iii) the IDA14 Results Measurement System (RMS). In the case of IDA14, Household Electrification Rate is one of the Tier 1 indicators of the RMS, which includes 14 country-level outcome indicators.

In this context, the STC assignment will conduct a review of the Results Frameworks in World Bank projects that were approved by the Bank Board in FY05 through FY07.

The assignment is expected to contribute to two larger reviews:
(a) Update of the energy section of the Infrastructure Action Plan; and
(b) An Energy Sector Strategy Implementation Update (SSIU).

It is also expected to contribute to guidelines on results monitoring in WB investment projects that will be prepared in FY08.


In particular the assignment will:

(i) Map project objectives. As part of the exercise, groupings will be made and common features and outliers identified.

(ii) Map intermediate outcome or output indicators. As part of the exercise, groupings will be made and common features and outliers identified.

(iii) Compare PADs, Development Finance Agreements and Project Agreements for a selection of projects. To what extent are indicators consistent?

(iv) Are data collection methods and reporting well defined in PADs?

(v) Are baseline values reported in 1st ISR? Do subsequent ISRs report values for indicators?

(vi) Indicator values (for sector as well as utility performance) will be culled from ISRs and PADs.

(vii) How does performance monitoring in projects vary across the regions?

(viii) Does performance monitoring in projects contribute to reporting of indicators identified in relevant World Bank strategy documents? Can their contribution be improved?

(ix) In the case of electricity operations in IDA countries: Is Household Electrification Rate a selected indicator? Do ISRs report values for the indicator? Etc.


The output will consist of a short report containing tables and graphs that summarize the findings as well as annexes that collate the information collected during the course of the assignment for easy reference.


1) For example the Africa Action Plan has (i) increase in generation capacity, (ii) reduction in losses; and (iii) increase in household electrification rate as its monitoring indicators for the power sector.